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TOH Vision Statement:

Making disciples to evangelizes the world. To let men know that there is still HOPE in Jesus Christ.  Our vision is based upon the principles of our Lord found in the gospel of Matthew 28:18-20.


Nicknames: “TOH” or “The Temple”


What do we believe?


  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God written by men.  Ex 24:4

  • We believe in the Virgin birth.  Matt 2:10-11

  • Jesus is the Spiritual Head of the church.  Matt 16:15-16The Pastor is the Visible Head of the church. Acts 20:28

  • Baptism and Communion.  Matt 3:13-17; Acts 20:7

  • Salvation.  John 1:11-14

  • Stewardship.  Mal 3:8-12

  • Evangelism & Mission.  Rom 10:13-15

  • The forgiveness of sin.  Rom 8:1-2; 5-8  

  • Putting the Kingdom first.   Matt 6:33


      If we obey God, we obligate God!

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